Techno Edify

Techno-Edify Robotics is a leading company specializing in robotics education, courses, and workshops for schools and colleges since the year 2014 and trained more than 200,000 students worldwide. With a strong emphasis on offline and online learning, we provide comprehensive programs in robotics, AI, IoT, and programming. Additionally, Techno-Edify undertakes automation projects and product development, enabling us to be a versatile and dynamic player in the field of technology and education.

Robotics Education for Schools and Colleges:

Techno-Edify Robotics collaborates with educational institutions to introduce robotics education programs tailored to various academic levels. From primary schools to colleges, our curriculum is designed to nurture students' interest in robotics, develop their technical skills, and cultivate a problem-solving mindset. Through hands-on projects, students learn about electronics, mechanics, coding, and robotics engineering, gaining practical experience that enhances their understanding of STEM subjects.