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Techno-Edify Robotics is a leading company specializing in robotics education, courses, and workshops for schools and colleges since the year 2014 and trained more than 200,000 students worldwide. With a strong emphasis on offline and online learning, we provide comprehensive programs in robotics, AI, IoT, and programming. Additionally, Techno-Edify undertakes automation projects and product development, enabling us to be a versatile and dynamic player in the field of technology and education.

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We believe that each kid has the potential to scale up the heights in technology and robotics

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Several of our students have reached the State, National and International Level of Robotics

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Our Purpose is To Deliver Excellence in Service and Execution

The primary purpose of Techno-Edify Robotics Company is to promote robotics education and technology-driven innovations. Through our comprehensive offline and online courses, workshops, automation projects, and product development, we empower students, schools, and businesses to embrace robotics, AI, IoT, and programming. By fostering a passion for technology and providing hands-on experiences, Techno-Edify Robotics enables individuals to become proficient in these domains and contribute to the advancement of society and industry.

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Robotics Education for Schools and Colleges

Offline and Online Courses

Robotics, AI, and Programming Workshops

Automation Projects and Product Development

Setting up Robotic Innovation Labs for Schools and Colleges