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Jr. Graphical Programmer students learn programming in easier and fascinating way using graphical utilities such as Scratch, which is a free visual programming language used by students, scholars, teachers, and parents to easily create Animations, Games, Greeting cards, Comic strips, etc... and provides a stepping stone to the more advanced world of Computer programming. Scratch helps young people learn to think creatively, reason systematically, and work collaboratively and is an essential skill for making lives easier in the 21st century

Eligibility: 6Yrs and Above

Duration: 32 Sessions

Learning Outcome:

  • Learn graphical programming in an easy way
  • Create personalized greeting cards to share with friends and family
  • Create their own customized multi-player games
  • Create personalized comic strips to share with friends, their own stories
  • Methods for manipulating data using mathematical operators
  • Understanding control flow: the way that computers and humans perform a task systematically
  • Altering control flow with conditional statements and loops
  • Event handling: writing code that responds to events, such as key presses and mouse clicks
  • Simple multimedia programming, including drawing, animation and selfies

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