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“RoboCHAMPION™” Level-3, students learn advanced concepts of MECHANICS, ELECTRONICS and PROGRAMMING to make the robots autonomous and intelligent. Student creates 16 different autonomous Robots using our proprietary robotic kit, resources, tools and guidance from our expert trainers.

This well-structured robotic course helps bring out the creativity and innovative thinking amongst the students in the age group of 10yrs and above. RoboCHAMPION™ course teaches advanced concepts of mechanics, electronics, sensors, programming with microcontrollers, while providing flexibility to build intelligent robots used in Robotics and other innovative science projects. It provides a medium and prepares the students to practically experiment with Science and Mathematics concepts, learned theoretically in school. Improves logical thinking pattern, analytical and debugging skills, while programming robots to perform various tasks.

Eligibility: Students who have completed previous levels or with 10+ years can join this training

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